Fotografien und Videoarbeiten

Fünfhaus, Fotos und Videos, Wien 1998/99

Edelbert Köb in: Milano Europa 2000

Initially, the photo artist Siegrun Appelt mainly engaged with motifs of the ephemeral, transitory and unstable. Using alienation as a working method, she transformed the objects of her pictures toward more abstract-pictorial shapes. In her first video works landscapes an spaces even became sequences of impressionist images, as can be seen in the documentation of a journey on a train through the lens of a fixed camera or in the moving shots of outdoor or urban spaces. Subsequently, the medium of film lent increasing importance to the relations of time and space in Appelt’s work. Formal aspects retreat while density of content comes to the fore. The focus of her interest is no longer on the objects of perception and their medializes transformation but the sensations they trigger off.

The works Appelt produced for Milano Europa 2000 reflect the current state of her art. Her scenarios of suburbia in the night are wrapped in leaden silence. The occasional passers-by as well as the approaching and subsiding sounds of traffic in the fixed video frame only reinforce the atmosphere of withdrawal an alienation, of time standing still in motion.

In the transitional zone between buildings and nature, light and darkness, waking and sleep, dusk and night, there is treacherous silence, full of expectation, longing and threat.